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Where do I pick up my rental van?

539 N Bluff St, Ste 200 St. George, UT 84770

What are your pickup/drop off times?

9:00 am to 4:00 pm MST

Do you charge by the day or by the night?

We charge by the day (3-night rental = 4 days).

How far in advance should I book my camper van?

A 2-day minimum reservation is required. However, we recommend as much time as possible, since our vans tend to book out quickly! 

How much does it cost to rent a camper van?

That depends on the length of the trip, time of year, and other additions. You can get a quote by starting the booking process here: Book Now

Can I do one-way trips?

We do not offer one-way trips at this time.

Can I park my personal vehicle at your lot during my trip?

Yes, if needed. However, if you are coming from an airport, save money on a rental car and book a shuttle here:<>

Do you have a minimum nights requirement?

Yes, we have a 3-night minimum requirement.

Do I need a driver’s license to rent a camper van?

Yes. We require a valid driver’s license with each rental.

How many days can I rent the van for?

That is up to you! We do not have a maximum rental period.

Should I book campsites in advance?

We would recommend booking campsites in advance, as they tend to fill up, especially during peak seasons.

How many miles are included? what are your mileage fees?

We offer 200 miles a day with a rental. Those miles are cumulative towards the entire trip. We charge $.20 a mile for each additional mile once your trip is complete.

Do the vans allow me to play music from my phone?

Yes, our vans are brand new 2022 Dodge Ramster We have spared no expense and equipped all our vans with the best accessories. See full description of our vans here: Our Vans

Enough Talk, Book a trip!